Sunday, May 5, 2013

The last few drops of the holiday

I'm back! I'll try to fill in every thing that has happened since my last post to the best of my abilities.


 A screenshot from the 02/05/13. I've reached 600+ fans! Thank you, thank you, thank you! My next goal is 10,000 karma, wish me luck. My lookbook: Serynastar.

 I made pho on Thursday too. I cheated because it was in a ready to made package BUT I added meat and onion.

In the evening I went shopping with my mum and brothers.

I took my brother jeans shopping, though he protested. In the end he picked a black/gray loose skinny jeans. I bought him jeans last year too for his birthday. He really hates getting clothes but I forced him to this time with good intentions. The last jeans I bought him he wears 24/7 and now hopefully this one one while split the working hours with his old dark blue skinnies. I also got him a game card, that was the deal if I were to buy him jeans.

Since mother's day was coming up I took mum to Strandbags and she picked out an evening clutch!

After wards the four of us went to McDonald's for dinner. I ordered the McSpicy, and it was not spicy. This happens a lot to me. I expect spice because well, they promise me so in the name but all the food does is tickle my tongue. Every time I make a remark like this people always get as-a-matter-of-fact on me and explain that it's because the food providers are catering for their general majority, which, can't handle spicy food.
First of, I know.
Second of, why would people who can't handle spicy food, order spicy food?
I dare you to go as-a-matter-of-fact on me for that question. Go on.
It's like me who hate celery going to order ants on a log. It. Doesn't. Make. Sense.
What made me laugh was McDonald's description of the Burger. They used words like "spicy" (obviously), "scorching" and "flaming".
You're cute. You're real cute.
One time I used the sauce in Nandos expecting spice because the restaurant is literally build off the Portuguese style and I figured they're one to handle spice. Nope. I was convinced the bottle was accidentally switched with tomato sauce or something until it happened to me a few times now. WHY POPULAR FAST FOOD RESTAURANT, WHY?

Once home my brothers moved two mattresses in my room and we had a sleepover while watching movies and tv series.

 I made cupcakes for SS and my brothers.

♥Varsity - Gifted from SS
♥DIY studded shorts - Dotti
♥Love belt - Valleygirls
♥Army green tee - Valleygirls
♥Platform sneakers - Hannahs

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 SS helped me take these outfit shots on Friday.

I then went to D's home to do a little studying.

A arrived later and we had take-aways before falling into a popular sport played by girls called talking.

A had to leave before me so while I was still at D's we watched more of Sword Art Online.

Mum picked me up in the evening and took me shopping with dad.

I third wheeled my parents while they walked hand-in-hand. I felt bad for dad when mum was shopping for clothes. The poor guy walked around like a lost puppy.

 My Body Shop peach scrub is nearly finished so I topped up on a new one. This time I opted for the Mango scrub (the peach one is in a tube). I've used their scrubs in a jar before but it was the lemon one which they discontinued. I remember the lemon one left behind oil on my legs every time I used it and at the time I didn't release how nice it felt until now where my legs are dry.

The very same night I fell for a new girl crush, Cara Develingne. I know she's been all over tumblr for some time now but only recently that I developed a level 2 girl crush on her (please refer to Jenna Marble's video explaining the level of girl crushes).

I'd wear everything she wears in a heart beat if I was as tall and skinny and pretty and perfect as her. She has such a lovable personality too!

I was stalking a few blogs dedicated to her and saying how I wish I was her when my 9 year old brother lectured me.
"You shouldn't want to be her because it'll make you depress and won't let you see the beauty within you. You look nice anyways, you don't need silly make-up to look better."

WHOA BACK IT UP. Since when in Pokemon did they teach you lines like that???

 After work on Saturday I baked cupcakes again! The icing this time is raspberry flavoured and hardens.

 Later in the evening my family went out for dinner because no one was bothered to cook. This was what I wore.

♥Guess? singlet - Given to me by my cousin Beverly
♥Blazer - Given to me by A (but I know it's from Dotti)
♥Jeans - Glassons
♥Heels - The Warehouse
♥Bangles - Given to me by Emily (both on two separate birthdays too!)

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 It was my first time having Carl's Jr. Still deciding if I ever want to step foot in there again! Their burger was nice, I'll give them that but it was huge. I felt like dying afterwards and maybe I am on my way to because their burger looked like a heart-attack in digestible form.

It's strange because when I go to places like McDonald's, no much how much I eat, I always seem to have room for more.

Example, my Macca run above (shopping on Thursday) I had a burger, fries, drink, 6 pieces of nuggets and a frozen Fanta. If the opportunity had called, I would have eaten more.

At Carl's Jr, I had a drink -okay it was a large drink and given that Carl's Jr is pretty American the cup was huge, about as big as NZ's standard milkshake cup (with the giraffe on it). I then had a burger and their *chilli* fries. Afterwards I was full and wanted to crawl out of the store. I guess their portion size is humongous. Their burger is the size of someone's head, nearly. Their chilli fries were in a box, not a carton because that's not big enough, a box. I asked for a large drink because I was expecting a NZ conventional large size not an Amurekah large size (actually this size in America is probably medium).

 Green tea and lemon.

 Today I went shopping with dad to pick up some tramp things and SS's birthday present.

 My tramp equipment so far.

 I'm taking two bags for personal hygiene.

 In the Lancome bag.

In the clear zig-lock travel bag.

 Grapefruit sprinkling soda while reading Listener.

 Outfit of the day.

♥Jacket - Valleygirls
♥Shirt - Cambodia
♥Shorts - Valleygirls
♥Studded Guess? belt - Farmers
♥Boots - Number One Shoes Warehouse
♥Satchel - Just Jeans
♥Pins - Personal collection

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  1. congrats on that many fans :) would u like to fan each other on lb?

    would u like to follow each other? let me know :)

  2. where did you get the impulse goddess?!? it's my fave of all of them but supermarkets don't have them :((

  3. where did you get the impulse goddess?!? it's my fave of all of them but supermarkets don't have them :((

  4. @Brenda- I'll check yours out ♥
    @Moeka- I got mine at Pak N Save in Botany :c

  5. Omg those cupcakes look amazing! especially the one with the pink icing <3

    Btw, your new posts aren't coming up on bloglovin' for me..? I'm not sure why :( Perhaps your blog isn't connected to bloglovin' properly? xx

  6. Yep the new posts are not coming up on bloglovin' for me either.
    Omg, I'm totally with you about Cara, I literally spent a whole day googling her pictures, videos, interviews etc. *-*
    Love.all.of.your.looks. <3

  7. we have same colour oxford dictionary :P LOL

    from Myxilog with love <3

  8. omg I absolutely adore Cara Delevinge! Love the outfits aswell <3


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